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Bride and groom holding hands during wedding inside Shangri la paris


A Day to Remember

Jean & Bobby

In the heart of Paris, a dream unfolded for Jean and Bobby, a couple hailing from Hong Kong. Their wedding day, set against the backdrop of the luxurious Shangri-La Hotel, was a tapestry woven with anticipation, tradition, and the allure of the City of Love. From the serene morning preparations to the celebratory champagne toast on the terrace, every moment captured the essence of their union and their journey to this picturesque destination. Join us as we delve into the story of Jean and Bobby's unforgettable Shangri-La Paris Wedding, a tale of love, heritage, and the magic of Paris.

Bride and groom holding hands during wedding at Shangri la Paris with Eiffel Tower

The Morning Preparations

It was an early start in the picturesque city of Paris where Jean and Bobby, a delightful couple, began their wedding day preparations at their respective homes. The atmosphere buzzed with excitement and a touch of nervous anticipation. As a wedding photographer, capturing these initial moments provided a glimpse into the personal and cultural elements of their big day. Jean, surrounded by her family, indulged in the ritual of makeup and hairstyling, laughter peppering the air. Meanwhile, Bobby, with his groomsmen, adjusted his tie and shared jokes, easing the morning jitters.

The groom is preparing for the wedding at Shangri La Paris
The bride wears traditional clothes on her wedding day

The Traditional Tea Ceremony

One of the day’s highlights was the traditional tea ceremony. This ritual was deeply meaningful for the couple, symbolizing respect and gratitude towards their families. Dressed in exquisite traditional attire, Jean and Bobby served tea to their elders, exchanging blessings and red envelopes. The vibrant colors of their outfits added a rich texture to the photographs, each bow and smile a testament to their roots and respect for heritage

the traditional tea ceremony

Dressing Up

Transitioning from traditional garments to their wedding attire was like watching a beautiful transformation. Jean slipped into her elegant wedding dress, a perfect blend of sophistication and bridal glow. Bobby donned a sharp white suit, looking every bit the dashing groom. Capturing these moments was essential, showcasing their readiness to walk down the aisle and begin their lives together as a married couple.

The bride wore a white mermaid wedding dress
Bride and groom kissing during ther wedding at Shangri La Paris with Eiffel Tower

Iconic Paris Wedding Photoshoot at Shangri-La Paris

Paris Wedding photos at Shangri La Paris with Eiffel Tower
Bride and groom kissing during ther wedding at Shangri La Paris with Eiffel Tower

The Shangri-La Hotel Paris, with its majestic views of the Eiffel Tower, provided a spectacular backdrop for Jean and Bobby’s wedding photos. The couple, now in their wedding attire, posed with effortless grace against the Parisian skyline. The Eiffel Tower, a symbol of romance, added a grandeur that complemented the love and joy emanating from Jean and Bobby. Each click of the camera captured not just their expressions but also the essence of Paris itself.

black and white photo of couple during their wedding day at Shangri La Paris with Eiffel Tower

Inside the Luxurious Shangri-La Paris

Moving inside, the grand lobby of the Shangri-La was our next canvas. With its opulent decor and ambient lighting, the lobby offered a different mood—more intimate and regal. The couple’s interactions, their gentle glances and subtle smiles, were captured amidst the grandeur of their surroundings, adding a layer of sophistication to their wedding album.

Wedding table decorated at Shangri La Paris
Inside the wedding reception at Shangri La Paris

Staircase Moments

The ornate staircase of the Shangri-La presented another stunning setting. Jean and Bobby, hand in hand, ascended the stairs, a metaphorical journey to their new life together. These photos were among the most evocative, capturing their ascent amidst the intricate architecture, each step a moment frozen in time.

The bride smiles happily on her wedding day on the stairs inside Shangri La Paris
The bride smiles happily on her wedding day on the stairs inside Shangri La Paris
The bride smiles happily on her wedding day on the stairs inside Shangri La Paris

Celebratory Champagne on the Terrace

To culminate the wedding party, Jean and Bobby stepped out onto the terrace of the Shangri-La. With a bottle of champagne ready, they popped the cork, the bubbles mirroring their bubbling excitement. The Paris skyline served as a witness to this celebratory moment, encapsulating the joy and elation of the day. This wasn’t just a photo—it was a celebration of their union, captured with the city of love as their backdrop.

The bride and groom popped the champagne cap together on the rooftop of Shangri La Paris

A Day to Cherish

From morning preparations to the champagne toast, Jean and Bobby’s Jean and Bobby’s Shangri-La Paris Wedding was a narrative woven with love, tradition, and the magic of Paris. As their photographer, capturing these moments was not just about taking photos; it was about telling a story of a couple who embraced their heritage and celebrated their future. Each image a chapter, each setting a scene, culminating in a tale of love that they would cherish forever.

Wedding photos taken on the rooftop of Shangri La Paris with the Eiffel Tower in the background

Ready to your dream wedding at Shangri La Paris captured throuhg our lens?

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