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A Modern Chinese Wedding of Billy & Sujun in Paris

In the heart of Paris, Sujun and Billy embarked on a journey of love and tradition as they celebrated their Chinese wedding at the exquisite Pavillon Gabriel. From the intimate preparation session at home to the laughter-filled Chinese wedding door game, the heartfelt Chinese tea ceremony, the grand reception, and the perfect dinner party, this wedding was a blend of joy, tears, and cultural richness that will forever be etched in their memories.

Preparation Session at Home

The day began with an intimate and joyous preparation session at the couple's home. Surrounded by loved ones, Sujun and Billy dressed in their traditional Chinese wedding attire, honoring their heritage and symbolizing the start of their new life together. As they prepared for the day's festivities, the air was filled with excitement and anticipation, setting the tone for the beautiful celebration to come.

Fun Chinese Wedding Door Game

To kick-start the day's festivities, Billy partook in a traditional Chinese wedding door game. This lighthearted and joyous event involved a series of challenges and tasks set by their friends, designed to test the couple's love, compatibility, and sense of humor. From solving riddles to performing pushing up, Billy & Sujun embraced the playful spirit of the game, laughter echoing through the halls as they demonstrated their unwavering bond and readiness for the journey ahead.

The Chinese Tea Ceremony

Next came the cherished Chinese tea ceremony, a deeply significant tradition that pays homage to the couple's families and ancestors. Sujun and Billy, dressed in their elegant attire, served tea to their parents, grandparents, and elders, expressing their gratitude and respect. This solemn and emotional ceremony was accompanied by heartfelt blessings, words of wisdom, and tears of joy, as the couple received love and support from their loved ones, symbolizing the union of two families.

The Reception

As the day progressed, the Pavillon Gabriel was transformed into a stunning setting for the grand reception. Guests arrived, their attire reflecting a harmonious blend of traditional Chinese and Parisian styles. The venue exuded elegance and cultural richness, with beautiful decorations paying homage to both Chinese and French aesthetics. Laughter and conversations filled the air as loved ones mingled, sharing in the joy and excitement of the celebration.

Reception grand entrance

The reception began with Billy's entrance, commanding attention as he stepped into the venue. Anticipation filled the air as Sujun, accompanied by her father, made her graceful entrance, radiating beauty and happiness. Her father, with heartfelt pride, handed Sujun's hand to Billy, symbolizing the joining of two families and the start of a lifetime together, enveloping the room in love and excitement.The wedding toast

The Perfect Dinner Party

The reception continued with a sumptuous dinner party that showcased the finest of Chinese and French cuisines. Guests savored exquisite dishes and indulged in delectable desserts, their taste buds transported on a culinary journey. The room was alive with conversations and laughter as loved ones celebrated the couple's union, sharing heartfelt speeches, anecdotes, and wishes for a lifetime of happiness. The atmosphere was one of joy and unity, as friends and family came together to honor the newlyweds.

Cake Cutting Ceremony

The grand celebration culminated in the cake cutting ceremony, a symbolic moment representing the couple's first act together as husband and wife. Amidst applause and cheers, Sujun and Billy cut the cake, sharing a sweet moment that marked the beginning of their shared life. The sweet taste of the cake served as a metaphor for the sweetness and love they would share in their future together.

Sujun and Billy's Chinese wedding in Paris at Pavillon Gabriel was a day filled with love, tradition, and cultural richness. From the playful Chinese wedding door game to the heartfelt Chinese tea ceremony, the grand reception, and the perfect dinner party, every moment was filled with laughter, tears, and joy. As the couple embarked on their new chapter in life, surrounded by the love and support of their cherished ones, their wedding was an unforgettable celebration of love, heritage, and the promise of


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