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Chic Fashion Couple Shoot in Paris: Benz & T

Paris, the City of Light, provides an enchanting backdrop for chic fashion couple shoots, especially when it captures the essence of a chic couple like Benz & T. This romantic and stylish Paris couple photoshoot takes you on a visual journey through some of Paris' most iconic locations, including the picturesque Port Debilly Eiffel Tower, a serene cherry blossom garden, and vibrant streets under the evening lights of the Eiffel Tower. The photoshoot culminates in a celebratory moment, popping champagne caps in true Parisian style. Let's delve into the details of this fashionable escapade and offer some insights for couples looking to immortalize their love in this timeless city.

Setting the Scene at Port Debilly Eiffel Tower

The Port Debilly offers a unique vantage point of the Eiffel Tower, making it a prime location for a couple's photoshoot. For Benz & T, the sunset light provided a soft, golden hue that perfectly complemented their chic outfits. Benz donned a black shirt; it's a great combination with T's flowing, black-colored gown. The calm waters of the Seine and the iron latticework of the Eiffel Tower in the background added a layer of romanticism and sophistication to their poses.

Photography Tip: For couples aiming for a similar aesthetic in their Paris couple photoshoot, consider scheduling your shoot during the golden hours of sunrise or sunset. This time of day provides a natural filter that enhances the romantic atmosphere and complements a variety of fashion choices.

Chic Fashion Couple Shoot at Pont debilly with Eiffel Tower

Chic Fashion Couple Shoot at Pont debilly with Eiffel Tower

black and white photo of Chic Fashion Couple Shoot at Pont debilly with Eiffel Tower

Cherry Blossom Garden: A Canvas of Color for a Chic Fashion Couple Shoot

Late March to early April is the perfect time to capture the ethereal beauty of cherry blossoms in Paris. For Benz and T, a stroll through a cherry blossom garden near the Trocadéro provided a vibrant backdrop that contrasted beautifully with their chic fashion couple shoot outfits. The pink and white blossoms add a touch of whimsy and romance, ideal for springtime shoots.

Check the Parc de Sceaux or the gardens around the Eiffel Tower for some spectacular cherry blossom scenes. These spots are exceedingly popular, so early morning shoots are recommended to avoid the crowds.

When shooting in a natural setting like a cherry blossom garden, coordinate your outfits with the environment. Soft, floral patterns and pastel colors can harmonize beautifully with the natural scenery, adding to the overall aesthetic of the photographs.

Chic Fashion Couple Shoot at Cherry blossom garden

Chic Fashion Couple Shoot at Cherry blossom garden

a couple kissing at Cherry blossom garden

Evening Elegance at the Eiffel Tower

As the city transitioned into evening, the Eiffel Tower lit up, providing a spectacular backdrop for the couple's evening wear. T wearing the black dress, which contrasted stunningly with the bright lights of the tower. Benz matched the moment in a sharp black shirt. The photos captured during this time are dynamic, filled with the energy of Paris at night.

To capture the Eiffel Tower in its illuminated glory, position yourself at a spot where the lighting complements your subjects and not overwhelms them. Experiment with different angles to avoid the crowds and include the shimmering lights of the city.

Chic Fashion Couple kissing on the street of Paris with Eiffel Tower in the evening

Chic Fashion Couple kissing on the street of Paris with Eiffel Tower in the evening

Celebrating with Champagne on Paris Streets

What’s a celebration without some champagne? For a fun and lively series of shots, Benz and T popped champagne caps right on the streets of Paris. This action shot not only captures the joy and spontaneity of the couple but also infuses a typical Parisian street scene with a burst of excitement. This spontaneous moment was captured with the street's ambient lighting and the city's architecture creating a lively, festive mood. The couple's joyful expressions and the flying champagne caps added a sense of movement and excitement to the photos.

If you're planning to include a champagne popping shot, choose a location that offers both safety and a picturesque setting. Ensure the lighting is adequate to capture the spray and fizz of the champagne, which adds a luxurious and festive touch to the images.

Black and white photo of couple poping champagne in chic fashion couple shoot

Chic fashion couple shoot on the street of Paris with Eiffel Tower

Chic fashion couple shoot on the street of Paris with Eiffel Tower

General Tips for a Successful Fashion Couple Shoot in Paris

  • Outfit Coordination: Ensure the couple's outfits complement each other and the surroundings without blending in too much. Pops of color or classic chic styles can work well against the urban and natural backdrops of Paris.

  • Time Management: Parisian landmarks can get crowded, especially during peak tourist seasons. Plan your shoot for early mornings or late evenings to avoid crowds and capture the best light

  • Permissions and Regulations: Some locations may require permits for professional photography. Always check the local regulations and obtain necessary permissions in advance.

  • Local Photographer: Consider hiring a local photographer who knows the ins and outs of the city. They can provide insider tips and take you to hidden spots that offer unique perspectives.

Capturing the essence of love and style in Paris is all about embracing the moment while being surrounded by one of the most beautiful settings in the world. With these tips and locations, any couple can bring their dream shoot to life, just like Benz and T did in their chic fashion escapade through Paris.


Benz & T's Paris couple photoshoot was a blend of style, romance, and celebration, perfectly showcasing the city's potential as a backdrop for  chic fashion couple shoots. For couples planning a similar shoot, it's essential to choose locations that not only provide stunning visuals but also resonate with personal significance. Outfit coordination, time of day, and the natural flow of activities can all contribute to creating a memorable and beautiful series of photographs that capture the essence of the relationship and the spirit of Paris.


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