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Sunset at Château du Barroux - A timeless wedding in the South of France


A South of France Wedding at Château du Barroux - Fari & Steve

Picture this: Fari and Steve, standing hand in hand beneath the majestic arches of Château du Barroux. The sun is setting on a perfect summer evening, its golden rays bathing them in warmth as they exchange their wedding vows in beautiful southern France. It's a dream come true for any couple - but it was especially special for these two lovebirds.

And that is exactly why Fari & Steve have chosen to celebrate their special day there, at the Château du Barroux.

Le Barroux - a Medieval Fantasy setting for a Wedding

Château du Barroux in the south of france

south of france field from Château du Barroux

Our lovely couple chose the venue of their South of France wedding in Le Barroux, a small village between Carpentras and Vaison-la-Romaine. The village is famous for its narrow winding streets and the castle overlooking the chateau, built on a beautiful hilltop. From here, you are offered an absolutely stunning panorama of the Comtat Venaissin plain, which is breathtaking, especially during sunset.

This French fairytale destination gave me as a wedding photographer so much inspiration – capturing beautiful shots of the happy couple against such a grandiose background felt like being part of a storybook romance. With each click of my camera shutter came another moment frozen in time – one which could never truly be replicated or forgotten.

Love Begins

We fell head over heels for shooting Fari & Steve, our lovely Canadian couple with Greek heritage and a love for cycling. In fact, it was their hobbies that brought them together. They were friends before they ever became sweethearts.

Their chemistry during our sessions is out of this world, and we cherish every moment they join hands all lovey-dovey or goof around with each other, filling up our behind-the-scenes footage full of lovely bloopers. As life took them to different places around the world, their connection remained unbreakable, until finally deciding that a South of France wedding would be the perfect way to say 'I do'. They are simply some of the sweetest and funniest people we’ve come across.

Come join us as we take a closer look at what made this South of France wedding so magical. From stunning floral arrangements to delicious local cuisine and captivating entertainment, everything about Fari & Steve’s special day was truly unforgettable.

Bound by Vows at the Château du Barroux

sunset wedding in the South of France luxury wedding photogarpher

wedding in the South of France destination wedding photographer chateau du Barroux

With its unique panoramic vantage point, the Château du Barroux is among the best South of France wedding venues you can think of. Our couple chose to hold their ceremony on the terras in front of the beautiful greenery of the region, creating unforgettable memories in a place so rich in history. Everyone really pulled out their A-game stepping into this unique landscape, and we witnessed tears of joy and happiness from not only the bride and groom but also the guests coming here, overwhelmed by the warm beauty of Southern France.

Surrounded by stunning views and centuries-old architecture, Fari & Steve said “I do” at this perfect wedding venue for them both. The special day was filled with laughter, tears of joy and plenty of hugs from family and friends who had gathered to witness such an important moment. Everything about the ceremony highlighted how deeply connected these two souls were – truly making it a fairytale occasion!

It truly was a magical event that will be remembered for years to come. The perfect way for Fari and Steve to start their life together, surrounded by those closest to them at the breathtaking Château du Barroux!

Dinner at the Château’s Courtyard

wedding chateau du Barroux in the south of france luxury wedding photographer

After Fari & Steve exchanged their vows and became husband and wife under the eyes of God, it was time for dinner in the medieval castle's courtyard. It is a simple setup, yet the "cheat code" came from the medieval setting of Château du Barroux. Dining guests might have thought they were partaking in an authentic feudal banquet with good wine, cheery laughter, music to dance to, and heartwarming toasts from friends and families. Our couple was truly having the time of their life.

Let’s get the Medieval Party started!

wedding in the south of france at chateau du barroux destination photographer

Fari & Steve’s time in the spotlight wasn’t over just yet, because it was time to cut the wedding cake. And it wasn’t just ANY wedding cake, but a full-fledged traditional French Croquembouche. It was a once-in-a-lifetime chance to behold such a beautiful tower of cream puffs arranged in a cone, wrapped and decorated with sugar threads. Isn’t it a more fitting choice for a medieval castle setting than a regular cake? We all thought the same. What a night to remember!

Last dance beneath the stars

We couldn't have asked for a more magical setting to celebrate Fari and Steve's special day. The Château du Barroux, with its romantic charm and medieval architecture, was the perfect backdrop for their South of France wedding. From exchanging vows under the château’s arches to partying in the courtyard afterwards, it was an unforgettable experience for all who attended.

The evening ended with laughter and joy as we watched Fari and Steve share one last dance beneath the stars. It was such a beautiful sight that everyone wanted time to stand still so they could enjoy this moment forever.

All too soon our night came to a close but not before us wishing Fari and Steve all the best on their journey together! We are sure that their love will continue to blossom over many more years filled with wonderful memories just like this one!

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chateau du barroux wedding dinner in the courtyard

chateau du barroux wedding dinner in the courtyard

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